Sunday, May 6, 2012

How To Clear Up Acne

There are so many methods out there to rid your skin of acne, but it can get frustrating to try product after product only to find out that it doesn't help or it makes your skin worse. If you've been switching from one acne  product to another to try to get rid of annoying pimples, try the simple route: soap and water.

Yes. Bar soap and water. I've always read that you weren't supposed to use soap because it dries up your skin, but a dermatologist suggested just plain soap and water. Surprisingly, washing my face with just plain ivory soap and water really helped get rid of my acne. I used to get tons of new pimples everyday, but after I ditched the expensive acne facial cleansers, I have clearer skin. I still get pimples from occasionally (mostly during stressful times), but my face is definitely smoother. If you find ivory soap to be too drying for you (it wasn't for me because I had oily skin) then you might want to try and organic soap like oatmeal or papaya.

One important thing you need to do if you adopt this method is to use a good quality moisturizer. I use a light non-greasy facial moisturizer with spf 15 and it helps to keep my face from feeling dry and tight.

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